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Welcome to Akatsuki

A K A T S U K I -  Our guild is to remain close, We strive to help one another to ultimatly get stronger. Nobody in the Guild should feel they cannot ask for assistance.
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poopdogg1982, Dec 7, 10 6:45 AM.
Hi every , most of the origional guys know the story but for the people new to the guild here is a quick run throught of our history.

Some time at the start of this year maybe febuary i think Sika the origional GM of AKATSUKI made the guild with a group of friends that he had pick up along his travels.I joined shortly after we grew to a good size of about 50 when sika due to family comitments and"real life stuff" handed the running of the guild to me. At our peak we had 79 members with about 12 active,but the lore of raiding and the ice throne meant that we needed more active players and more experiance , so i found us a sister guild and after a few trail runs we got on well doing maybe naxx and ulduar with relitive ease.Due to the new cata guild acheevs and reward system it meant the having two guilds in a raid would not reward you.80% of the raid party must be from the same guild to get acheev's this is the same for dungeons.So we shut down AKATSUKI and moved all our guys to Augment ,mainly because they had all the experianced players.
Raiding with augment went very well and progress in ICC was good , but differences in the style of the GM and other issues meant that a good few of my guys weren't happy there so we decided to move back this left us with very few members maybe 10 i think. But on the dawn of cataclysum we are back up to 31 members and are on sindy in ICC things are looking good and everyone is happy.

So welcome back to the guys that have been with us from the start and welcome to the people that have just joined,and lets hope sika will be joining us again shortly.


djsika, Jul 15, 10 7:41 PM.
Hello Boys & Girls, Finally Akatsuki have their own website. Thank you for visiting our page, feel free to browse around and get involved. Site Launch Date 16/07/2010
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